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Medico Industries has more than 13 years experience in the manufacture and distribution of advanced sterilisation equipment and PPE.

Medico Industries is the Exclusive Agent for Low Temperature H202 Plasma Sterilizer in Malaysia.

We take pride in bringing forward trusted brands for medical-grade healthcare devices.


Dr. Rayno®

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Durable safety medical devices that shield wearers from different hazards such as physical, chemical or biological ones and help prevent illness or injuries. Medico Industries’ PPE are made with high quality, durable and long-lasting materials for protection against Covid-19, while minimising exposure against excessive noise, flying debris, sharp objects, chemical spills and other workplaces.

  • Protective Coverall
  • Disposable SMS Isolation Gown with Cuff
  • Disposable PE Coated SMS Isolation Gown with Cuff
  • Disposable Long Sleeve Apron with Thumb Hook
  • Disposable PE Apron
  • Surgical Face Mask and Respirator Mask
  • Disposable Face Shield
  • Disposable Head Cover and Tudung Cap
  • Disposable Shoe Cover and Boot Cover
  • Medical Gloves
  • Non Medical Gloves

Disinfectant Products

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Disinfectant Spray

Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer & Consumable Products

Enjoy rapid and efficient total sterilisation solutions for heat and moisture sensitive equipment. Medico Industries’ H2O2 Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer works with hydrogen peroxide plasma in a temperature below 60℃ (140℉), giving almost instant access to sterilized equipment in as fast as 30 minutes*. Simple to install and best use with Medico Industries’ H202 Consumable Products.

  • Machine – Model: Crystal 50
  • Machine – Model: Crystal 120
  • Machine – Model: Smart 150
  • Consumable – H2O2 Sterilization Tyvek Roll
  • Consumable – H2O2 Self-Contained Biological Indicator (B/I)
  • Consumable – H2O2 Chemical Indicator Strip
  • Consumable – H2O2 Chemical Indicator Tape

Low Temperature Sterilization Services

Our H2O2 Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilization services encompasses personalised and professional service to achieve prescribed Sterility Assurance Level. For added flexibility, rental of Sterilizer by Medico Industries is also available on monthly and annual basis, with dedicated maintenance services.

  • Self Service Low Temperature Plasma Sterilization
  • Rental of Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Steam Sterilization Consumable Products

Comprehensive portfolio of high quality steam sterilization products to help you maintain the highest sterilization standards without compromising on affordability.

  • Sterilization Paper Bag – Plain Top
  • Sterilization View Pack Flat Reels
  • Sterilization View Pack Gusseted Reels
  • Self-Sealed Sterilization Pouches
  • SMS Non Woven Wraps
  • Autoclave Tape
  • Steam Sterilization Biological Indicator (“B/I”)


  • Pre Cut Plain Gauze
  • Pre Cut X-Ray Gauze
  • Pre Cut Green Gauze
  • Gauze Rol

Other Medical Items

  • Tampon
  • Professional Tissue/Wiper
  • Dust Cover Safety Plastic Bag (Self Sealed)